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Форма обучения

form of training

  • Full-time
  • Remote
Язык обучения

language of instruction

  • Russian
  • Kazakh

specialty qualifications


Software developer


Information Systems Technician

Software developer
Information Systems Technician

This specialist develops application and mobile applications in programming languages: C #, Java, Python, Swift, etc. Owns the basics of developing database management tools Access, MySQL, 1C. Based on the programming languages HTML, PHP, XML, JavaSkript creates universal network applications and sites. studies computer graphics based on Adobe InDesign, Photoshop and CorelDraw, masters network technologies and methods of cryptography.
This specialist possesses modern methods of software development, including for mobile devices on IOS, Android platforms, network technologies of various scales, management of information systems for various purposes, visual communication and WEB design tools (JavaScript, HTML, XML, PHP), three-dimensional graphics. Designs, creates and operates databases and databanks using various languages and programming environments (MS SQL Server, Delphi, C #, 1C, Java, MySQL, Oracle, Python, Visual Studio and others).
What career opportunities will I get after finishing the program?
in IT companies
in organizations that have project management departments in their structure
in research centers
online game development studios
mobile app development studios, startups

our graduates work