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The college is designed for 1,200 places, the occupancy of classrooms, laboratories and training and production workshops meets the current standards. For the study of compulsory academic disciplines in the college there are 19 offices of general professional, special disciplines and general education offices, 24 laboratories, 3 workshops.

The college has a licensed medical office. It is equipped with medical equipment and equipment in accordance with sanitary and epidemiological requirements, where daily reception and first aid are provided. Medical care for employees and students is provided by qualified medical professionals.

The college has a canteen designed for 150 seats and equipped with the necessary equipment and meets all the requirements (conclusion of the FEZ). The college canteen serves up to 600 students and faculty each day.


The sports hall and library, reading rooms and electronic hall are located in a separate building. On the ground floor there is a sports hall - 474.1 m2, auxiliary rooms (changing rooms, toilet), showers. In the courtyard there is an open stadium – 800 m2, a running track, a jump pit. The total area is 1274.1 m2.


The library is an educational and auxiliary, informational, cultural and educational structural unit of the college, providing literature and information to the educational process.

The library is located in a separate building with an area of 202.6 sq. m.

The structure of the library includes: a subscription, combined with a reading room for 50 seats. The library has an electronic reading room equipped with 12 computers connected to a local network with Internet access. The librarian's workplace is equipped with a computer with Internet access. Readers have the opportunity to work with information on electronic media, use electronic textbooks. In the reading room of the college, free access to the Internet, electronic library resources is organized, and a laser MFP for printing educational and methodological materials is also installed in the reading room.

The formation of the book fund in the library is carried out in accordance with the requirements of educational programs and approved by the GOST of the Ministry of Education and Science of the Republic of Kazakhstan, the instructions of the Ministry of Education and Science of the Republic of Kazakhstan, the profile of training, as well as the directions of educational and educational work of the college, the contingent of readers.

The library's collection consists of technical, economic, artistic and other necessary literature. The solution of this problem directly affects the quality of user service and the satisfaction of their information needs.

For the reporting period, the book fund is 71,343 copies, including 62533 copies of textbooks and teaching materials, and 11386 copies in the state language.

The fund of additional literature, including fiction, reference-bibliographic and periodicals, is 4511 copies.

The main sources of acquisition of the library fund are: publishing houses of "Economics" LLP, "Mektep" LLP, "Foliant" and the Central Scientific Library of the RSE "Gylym Ordasy".

The college has a museum. The opening of the museum was attended by representatives of the Department of Education, the Association of Colleges of Almaty, college directors (graduates of the Film School). On its basis, various events, meetings with famous people, career guidance work with schoolchildren are held.


According to the SES for the specialties, the college has the necessary material base for the development of students ' creative abilities: assembly hall with 70 seats, special rooms.

The training process uses modern equipment that meets the safety requirements during operation. The buildings have 19 classrooms with a total area of 837.4 sq. m., 24 laboratories with a total area of 952.6 sq. m., 3 training and production workshops with a total area of 153.1 sq. m., 15 computer classes with an area of 782.6 sq. m.


The college has taken measures to ensure fire safety, electrical safety and compliance with sanitary standards. Safety instructions for all types of laboratory work have been developed and approved.

Laboratory classes are held on the basis of educational laboratories of the college and in workshops. Also, laboratory and practical classes are held on the basis of practices, on the basis of a mutual cooperation agreement with third-party organizations (TOO "Dosti", 1C-SAPA, Samsung Innovation Academy).


Such an organization of the educational process allows you to more fully use the material, technical and human resources of both the college and enterprises. The company's largest network, Technodom, donated 56 servers for use in the educational process: Fujitsu-Siemens PY, FSC RX 100S5 ITSRV142/. Samsung annually provides expensive equipment, and the company "Corporation Svyaz" spare parts for electrical and electrical work in the framework of laboratory classes.

The college has 15 computer classes, access to the Internet, 22 classrooms are equipped with multimedia equipment, there are 2 portable interactive projectors that are used in the educational and educational process.

Throughout the college there is a local, network network and Wi-Fi.